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Late Dinner Squoodles with Bison Sauce… and a side of OCD

Squoodles with Bison Sauce

Squoodles with Bison Sauce

OMG it’s 9:00!  Is dinner ever going to be ready?  How is it that I got up at 4:30 this morning and dinner isn’t even done yet??!  I tell ya, I just don’t know where all the time goes.  I had so much crap to get caught up on like laundry, dusting and vacuuming.  I finally got around to vacuuming the couch, in which I collected about $3.00 in change in the cushions!  Ca-ching!!  Also some cashews and almonds  from the husband’s midnight snacks,  and a raisin or two, which I was really tempted to eat because I was getting quite hungry, but that would have been disgusting because it’s been longer than I’d like to admit since I vacuumed anything in this house.  However, I am keeping that money!  I earned it!  I always keep the money I find in the laundry too.  It’s kind of a thrill for me.  Sad, I know.  Know what else is sad?  My house was cleaner when we had a 90 pound German Shepherd living in it!

Our Jackie

Our Jackie

I had no choice but to clean up after that hairy animal all of the damn time.  She was dirty but she was a sweety and I do miss her since she passed away.   We never replaced her.

Now, I let the house go until my OCD can’t take it anymore.   I used to keep my house a lot cleaner before I started working out more and doing this little blog.  Somehow that has helped to  tame my neurosis and it just doesn’t seem so important.

So there you have it.  I work out and cook a lot because I’m fu#*ing crazy!  It’s not a bad crazy though.  Working out, cooking and writing is great therapy and a much healthier way to deal with some OCD tendencies than say…. a gambling addiction, right?   Is gambling an OCD thing?  I’m not really sure.  I know that there are many OCD behaviors or rituals gamblers do like touching the cards or dice in a certain way, a certain number of times, much like I would need to touch everything in my house.  I know I’m not alone. Just being a mom can be enough to push someone sane over the edge straight into crazy town.  This is a scientific fact.

Anyway…After a long day of shopping, working out, spending quality time with loved ones, cleaning and doing laundry, it got late and we needed something simple, healthy and delicious, so I made this  yummy meat sauce on squash noodles.  What would you call those?  Squoodles?  Yes, squoodles.  Wow. That is a ridiculous word.  I love it!

I also love bison, which I recently discovered.  It’s good.  It’s a lean and delicious meat.  I’ve been mixing up my protein sources with bison, venison, chicken, turkey, beef, pork and eggs to get a mix of different amino acids.

Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor.  Goddess.

Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor. Goddess.

Great for building beautiful muscles!





Squoodles with Bison Sauce


2 tbs bacon fat or coconut oil divided
1 pound of ground Bison
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1 tablespoon of fresh minced garlic
1/8 tsp red pepper flakes
1 tbs dried oregano
1 24 oz jar organic marinara sauce or tomatoes
1/2 cup Kalamata olives
4 medium yellow squash                                                                                            2 large handfulls of baby spinach
kosher or sea salt
black pepper

How to make it:

Cut each squash in half vertically, and then with a Veggetti or vegetable spiral tool on the smaller setting, spiral and set aside.

Heat fat or oil in a dutch oven on medium heat until it is melted.
Add the onion and bell pepper, a dash of salt and some black pepper and sauté until soft, about 8 mins stirring so it doesn’t burn.

Next, add in the bison, breaking it up in to little meatball sized pieces, salt and pepper that, let the outer layer of the meat brown a little and then add in the garlic, oregano and red pepper flakes. Lower the heat to low to medium-low and cover.

While that is browning, heat oil or fat in a large sauce pan on medium and then add in the squash noodles, salt and pepper and stir so the oil coats all the noodles. after about a minute, turn down the heat to about half way so the noodles can cook through, stirring frequently.

Once the meat is mostly cooked through, add in the sauce and stir to combine, add the olives, stir in and add in the spinach, cover for a minute or two so it can wilt down .

Once the squash noodles is cooked through and soft but not mushy, about 10-13 minutes, turn them out onto paper towels to absorb the excess liquid.

Stir the spinach into the sauce, then serve the noodles in shallow bowls with the sauce on top. Enjoy!